Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cryo - Retropia

Cryo - Retropia 2CD
(2014) Progress

I already knew, back in November of 2013 when I placed my pre-order for the limited edition (200 copies), that I was going to like this album. The "In Your Eyes" EP was a great appetizer. Now I'm only waiting for my mailman to deliver the Russian Edition of  "Retropia" to me. It has two remixes not available on this 2CD version.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Spiritual Front ‎– Black Hearts In Black Suits

Spiritual Front ‎– Black Hearts In Black Suits
(2013) Rustblade

A new dark and theatrical album from my favourite Italian neofolk band. This is a concept album, more akin to an opera or classic music, than to the traditional Spiritual Front style of music.
If you want something mellow and beautiful to listen to, why not try this one out?
The album is also released in two different limited editions, a 2CD Box and a ridiculously expensive 3CD+LP bag.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Ikon - This Quiet Earth (Re-Issue)

Ikon - This Quiet Earth
(Re-Issue) 2013 4CD/Box

This is one of my all time favourite albums. I love everything about Ikon, but I'm especially fond of Ikon's sound from 1997 (No official Ikon releases this year, I know. But both the Crimes Of Passion CD and the excellent Jerusalem Syndrome CD helped me get my Ikon fix) to 1999.
The re-issue has been both remixed, remastered and re-sung and I love the new sound! The regular 4CD edition includes the original album on CD1. The second CD has a couple of B-sides and CD3 has outtakes and remixes - including one of my favourite tracks from this era "Triumph Of My Will", previously only released on a somewhat forgotten Metropolis Records sampler "Electropolis Volume II". The most interesting CD is the fourth one, called "The Hollow Earth". It includes a complete unreleased album with 12 previously unheared tracks from 1997/1998.
The box also includes an USB stick with a set of 12 early 8 track demos, the "Subversion" promo video (HD) and all the tracks in .wav format, a t-shirt, two embroidered patches, a necklace, two postcards an a 26-page photo booklet with information about the recording and every track.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ginger Snap5 - Snapped By You

Ginger Snap5 - Snapped By You
(2013) skyQode

Oh yeah! Former Soviet is where the future lies for futurepop! The Russian band Mental Discipline is one of my current faves and here's Ukraines Ginger Snap5. This album isn't as good as Mental Discipline's work, but it sure has some great songs. "Shadow gHost" is the one I like best at the moment, but there are other nice tunes like the album openers "Polaris" and "Ginger Girl". The single "Break Me Down" is awesome as well.