Friday, April 27, 2012

Chrom - Synthetic Movement

Chrom - Synthetic Movement (2012)
Out Of Line

This is one of my latest discoveries thanks to the awesome Violent Playground forum. Chrom might just be the future of futurepop! Or at least a band to look out for, I think they're going to be huge within the scene real soon. "Synthetic Movement" is their second CD, the first one "Electroscope" is really nice too. Right now I'm trying to locate their self released debute EP "Manufactured". I hope it's worth the effort!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

VA - Electronic Saviors Volume II 8CD

VA - Electronic Saviors
Industrial Music To Cure Cancer
Volume II - Recurrence
(Premium Edition) 8CD (2012)

This massive 6CD (regular edition) + 2CD (premium edition) box, the second incarnation of the Electronic Saviors series, compiled by Jim Semonik is truly fabolous. I think that maybe 8CD's is a bit over the top, but why the hell not?
The two bonus discs in the premium edition consists mainly of
artists new to the scene.
Otherwise the box features, just like the first installment of the series, a varied who's who tracklist of the electronic world. The bands of most interest for me are: Tenek, Edge Of Dawn, Solitary Experiments, System Syn, Binary Park, Aesthetic Perfection, Ashbury Heights, God Module, Bella Morte, Alter Der Ruine, Ghost & Writer, iVardensphere, Spetsnaz, Mesh, Caustic, Everything Goes Cold, Espermachine, Covenant Feat. Necro Facility, Neuroactive, Syrian, Decoded Feedback, Hocico, FGFC820.
There's 141 tracks in total, so I'm pretty sure everyone's gonna find something they really like!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Solar Fake - Frontiers

Solar Fake - Frontiers (2011)
Synthetic Symphony

The former singer of  Dreadful Shadows and Zeraphine, Sven Friedrich, is now making electronc music. That's quite a surprise. It's not too common to go from goth rock to (almost) futurepop. But I like it. This is his second release under the Solar Fake moniker. Check it out!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Goldfrapp - The Singles

Goldfrapp - The Singles (2012)

This is a nice collection of Goldfrapp's singles, plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks. I would've preferred a best of collection instead of a singles sampler. But at least this CD features some of the best Goldfrapp songs. The album shows a great deal of variation, from the spaced out sounds of their 2000 debute "Felt Mountain" via the electroclash (btw, what happened to that genre?) inspired "Black Cherry" (2003) and "Supernature" (2005) and the almost hippie-esque "Seventh Tree" (2008) to the 80'ies sounding "Head First" from 2010.