Sunday, September 28, 2014

Merciful Nuns - Xialba III

Merciful Nuns - Xialba III (2011)
Solar Lodge

I'm a bit late on discovering the greatness of Merciful Nuns. I lost interest in Artaud Seth's previous band Garden Of Delight back in the early 2000's, and I haven't really checked what he has been up since then. A big mistake it seems, Merciful Nuns are quickly becoming one of my favourite goth bands! "Xialba III" is a very good album, with a minimum of atmospheric songs, focusing on the rock in gothic rock. With excellent and unique drums and a bass-sound all doom metal bands should be aiming for, this is the gothic rock album I've been waiting for since the mid 90's!

Friday, September 19, 2014

VA - God Is Goth 2CD

VA - God Is Goth 2CD
(2014) Wave Records

Continuing with my rediscovered love for gothic rock. This Brazilian compilation album features a lot of, at least for me, new third wave of gothic rock bands. Buy this 2CD together with the This Is Gothic Rock series and you're all set and updated on what's hot in this new era of gothic rock!

Friday, September 12, 2014

And One ‎- Magnet (Trilogie-Edition)

And One ‎- Magnet (Trilogie-Edition)
3CD (2014) Deutschmaschine

A new triple CD? From And One, probably the most uneven band in the world? And it's good?
Yes, I'm as surprised as anybody. But this is actually a really good album. The first CD, "Magnet", is a cool modern And One album. It features som The Cure-ish guitars and a selection of good pop songs. The second album "Propeller" is my favourite, though. The theme of this CD is EBM, and there's EBM songs in almost every possible style! I don't care for the third CD, "Achtung 80", with it's 80's inspired songs. I do like 80's music - but not done today! I think I enjoy 17 of the 30 tracks featured on this box. And that's not bad, considering the 2-3 songs I like on a regular And One album.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Miazma - Miazma

Miazma - Miazma (2014)
Gothic Music

Hell yeah! Gothic rock just the way I like it! I'm so glad that I found the finnish Gothic Music Records label. They're quickly becoming my favourite goth record label. I haven't got this CD yet, but I've ordered it on Bandcamp, so I'm currently enjoying the sweet sweet flac downloads. The album's supposed to be some sort of best of compilation. I don't really know, Miazma are totally unknown to me. I just bought the album on a hunch. The music is the sort of goth rock that everybody will tell you sounds just like The Sisters Of Mercy, but it really doesn't. Sure, the band wouldn't probably been here if it wasn't for the Sisters, but that doesn't make them clones. Check it out. And be fast about it - currently there's just 65 copies of the CD left!