Saturday, February 28, 2015

Keluar - Keluar

Keluar - Keluar (2014)

This is a new project of former Linea Aspera member Alison Lewis. The CD compiles both the 2013 "Ennoea" EP and the 2014 "Vitreum" EP with 2 unreleased remixes. I like all parts of this CD except the drum machine sound on certain tracks. The album, or rather, the EPs, are all about cool melodies and interesting arrangements and rhythms.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Enter And Fall ‎- Push Enter And Fall Down 2CD

Enter And Fall ‎- Push Enter And Fall Down 2CD

Enter And Fall are probably most known for their great remixes of other electronic artists. In fact, the second CD of this album features some of them. I really like the sound of this album. Club friendly tunes with strange male vocals, melodic and harsh at the same time. The sad thing is that after this album the band seems to have changed the sound quite a bit.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Angels & Agony - Monument

Angels & Agony - Monument
(2015) Out Of Line

After a lengthy 8 year hiatus Angels & Agony are finally back with a new album. Not much has changed, but maybe the quality of the songs have improved a bit? I get the feeling that there's more good songs, and less fillers on this album, than on previous albums. But I don't think this record will make Angels & Agony to be considered one of the top future pop bands. The VNV Nation heritage/curse is still going strong on this one. Better than expected, but still not as good as I want it to be.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Merciful Nuns - Occvltation

Merciful Nuns - Occvltation (2015)
Solar Lodge

Hell, yeah! Another quality Solar Lodge release. This time it's the first Merciful Nuns compilation album. Sadly, I find the updated song versions on this release to be quite boring. The original versions are better in almost every case. The "Karma Inn" version is kinda fun. It's almost like an 80'ies extended disco mix - without the disco, of course. I don't ever want to hear the intro to "Speed Of Light" ever again. One time was enough! As a whole, these are great songs. But I strongly suggest buying all the available Merciful Nuns albums before getting this one. This isn't the best introduction to the Merciful Nuns sound.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Aeon Sable - Visionaers

Aeon Sable - Visionaers (2014)
Solar Lodge

This has been my go to album when testing my new Bluesound Node music streamer. I quickly throw away my previous streamer, the Sonos Connect, because of the superior sound quality of the Bluesound Node. Anyway, I've been listening a lot to this album and I like it very much. It's some kind of modern goth rock, but that's what you'd expect when released on Artaud Seth's Solar Lodge label, right? The album is just seven songs long. But it's seven moody, mid tempo gothic rock songs of stellar quality!