Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blume - Rise From Grey

Blume - Rise From Grey DD
(2010) A Different Drum

I don't know anything about this great band, except that they're (supposedly) from Italy and that they have released two full lenght albums and an EP. "Rise From Grey" is their first album and it was already sold out when I found out about them. Thanks a lot to the great mail order service CD Baby for having this available as a Flac download. The music is kinda synth-popish, with a bit of futurepop hear and there. Support CD Baby, and the band, buy it now!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

VNV Nation - Transnational

VNV Nation - Transnational (2013)
Anachron Sounds

I've hit a futurepop streak! Last week there was a new Covenant album, the week before that a new Cryo EP (well, that one wasn't maybe futurepop? - but the KLF samples were!), the new Pride And Fall album a week further back and now the masters are back.
I really like this new VNV Nation album. Sure, there's far too many instrumentals (3!) and not as much of the hard, angry'ish club stompers I love them for. But sometimes a happy, uplifting album filled with VNV Nation's familiar anthemic post-"Empires" sound is all my ears need! Instant buy!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Covenant - Leaving Babylon

Covenant - Leaving Babylon 2CD
(2013) Dependent

Covenant are back on Dependent Records again. Sadly, Daniel Myer aren't. He left the band before this album was released, but some of his compositions are featured. This album is much better than "Modern Ruin" (2011). Heck, I even like some of the slower songs! But please don't waste your money on the limited 2CD edition. The bonus CD is one 74 minute "song" filled with background noise and the reading of some poem - in Swedish!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ruined Conflict - Justified DDEP

Ruined Conflict - Justified DDEP
(2013) Not On Label

I can't understand how they manage to release a 14 track album plus two EP's, 7 and 9 tracks respectively, in just 6 months. This is a hard working band, and maybe it's really clever of them to release a bunch of stuff now - just days before the next VNV Nation album will hit the stores? Anyhow, this is a great EP with some new songs and a remixed song of the, soon to be released, second album. More releases? Hell yeah! Why stop now?