Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ginger Snap5 ‎– Snapped By You (Voice|Less) DD

Ginger Snap5 ‎– Snapped By You (Voice|Less) DD
(2014) Not On Label

A couple of odd things about this post:
I've previously failed to mention Ginger Snap5, and when I finally do it I write about an instrumental album (instumentals are generally not my cup of tea), instaed of focusing on the real "Snapped By You" album. There's nothing wrong with Roman Soroka's voice, in fact I really like Ginger Snap5's regular releases. I've been enjoying this album all week, partly because the music's already familiar, but also because it sounds very much like a full album release. Like it was supposed to be released this way. Great suff!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pride And Fall - Turn The Lights On EP

Pride And Fall - Turn The Lights On
EP (2014) Dependent

I don't know how they came up with the idea to make a single/EP of this song. It's certainly not the best song from last years "Of Lust And Desire" album. I know they did a remix contest for this song, and I guess they liked the outcome of it. But if it was up to me I would've picked another song, maybe "Hollow". By the way, the "Of Lust And Desire" has grown a ton on me. I really like that album now! Anyway, The Pride And Fall remix of "Turn The Lights On" is a keeper.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Frozen Plasma - Crazy EP

Frozen Plasma - Crazy EP
(2014) Infacted

Inside one of this years ugliest record cover hides a real hit song. Not my favourite Frozen Plasma tune, but at least it's much better than last years "Hertz". You'll get an intro plus six versions of the title song. The Chrom remix and the DJ edit are the best. I want real EP's, not just a couple of remixes of the same song! And we all know that it's just the DJ edit we'll be listening to. Frozen Plasma's DJ edit's are always good!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

VA - This Is Gothic Rock Vol. I

VA - This Is Gothic Rock Vol. I
(2014) Gothic Music

This is the first sampler released by this, relatively new, goth rock label. It features a lot of the labels forthcoming artist, as well as, almost exclusively new bands, or, at least, artists still active today.
Call it the third wave of gothic rock, if you want. I'm just happy to hear new goth bands delivering high quality music. This album is a must have - and be fast about it. It's limited to 500 copies!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Dagger - The Dagger

The Dagger - The Dagger (2014)
Century Media

Oh, heavy metal? That's not the most frequent genre on this blog. I do love metal, but I don't seem to find any new bands of interest. I find the current power metal trend really tiresome and I've lost almost all interest in death metal. Black metal and the "new" occult rock movement may still bring me some joy. But this is something different. The Dagger sounds like an updated 1978 heavy metal band, maybe like a cross between Judas Priest and Thin Lizzy (the twin guitars!) with heavy Dio influences. This album couldn't have been made in 1978, though. There's far too many inluences from the last two decades here. Certainly worth checking out if heavy metal's your thing!