Monday, April 29, 2013

Ruined Conflict - Treason DDEP

Ruined Conflict - Treason DDEP
(2013) Not On Label

Almost as good as last weeks post, the A.R.M.O.R. album. This EP holds one the album's better tracks in four versions, two good remixes and two not as good. The EP also features three new, exclusive, tracks. Get it for $4.00 on the bands Bandcamp site.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ruined Conflict - A.R.M.O.R.

Ruined Conflict - A.R.M.O.R. DD
(2013) Not On Label

Yet another Bandcamp find. If you can't stand the wait for the next VNV Nation album, make sure to give this band a listen! This album is packed with great future pop songs. There's nothing new to be heared here, except maybe for some stompy Rotersand beats merged with the usual VNV Nation moods. I really like this album. Although, at first I found it bland - much because of the uninspired drumming. But the songs have grown on me (sadly the drums have not). Support this band!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Seven Trees - Expanding The Unknown

Seven Trees - Embracing The Unknown
(1997) Energy / Expanding The Unknown
(Re-issue 2013) Infacted

"Expanding The Unknown" is a remastered and expanded (obviously!) re-issue of Seven Trees only album, the classic "Embracing The Unknown". The new remastered sound is incredible! I loved the original album, but this version is so much better. Too bad I don't think the bonus tracks (old demos, mostly) are anywhere near the album's quality. Luckily I don't have to listen to them, the remastered album songs are making the album worth
purchasing even if you already own the original CD.
I've always thought that Seven Trees sounds like Diary Of Dreams'
evil twin brother, and I don't think it's impossible that they enjoyed Adrian's 1996 album "End Of Flowers" as much as I did.
Get this album before it's gone. Infacted's Classic Collection releases are all limited to 1000 copies.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Torul - Tonight We Dream Fiercly

Torul - Tonight We Dream Fiercly
(2013) Infacted

Torul is back. This album is a bit more mellow than their 2011 Infacted debute "In Whole". Of course that wasn't their real debute album. Torul has been releasing music since 1999, but it was the debute on a record label I'm familiar with. I also own the 2010 album "Dark Matters", but I'm sure that there's more records available by Borut Torul Bernik. For example, check out the great 2003 CDM "Waterproof Theme" released under the Torul W moniker.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ghost & Writer - Red Flags

Ghost & Writer - Red Flags
(2013) Dependent

Yet another new album featuring Frank M. Spinath on vocals. He's everywhere nowadays. Always relevant with Seabound, Edge Of Dawn and his new all-star band Radioaktivists. This album is a real gem, especially if you buy the CD. The album features 8 original tracks plus 8 remixes. Included in the CD booklet is a download code for "The Black Album", featuring 8 additional remixes. Great value for money!