Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beauty Of Gemina, The - Diary Of A Lost

Beauty Of Gemina, The -  Diary Of A Lost (2006)
TBoG Music

First album by this Swiss goth/darkwave band. I've seen their records listed on numerous online record shops, but never really cared about them until I heared their song on the God Is Goth compilation. I instantly fell in love with their darkwave sound, a sort of mix of Deine Lakaien and And Also The Trees with a bit of post rock and goth rock. Absolutely fabulous!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Merciful Nuns ‎– Lib. I

Merciful Nuns ‎– Lib. I (2010)
Solar Lodge

The first Merciful Nuns album. When listening to this album it's easy to understand why Artaud wanted another name, different than The Garden Of delight, for this new project. It's still dark gothic rock music, but the songs are really different. Merciful Nuns are easily my favourite new goth band. Buy, buy, buy!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

VA - Pagan Love Songs Vol. 3

VA - Pagan Love Songs Vol. 3 2CD
(2014) Alice In...

This is the third new and really good gothic rock compilation CD I've written about in just a couple of months. There must be a gothic rock revival going on, but I haven't heared or read anything about it.
This compilation is very similar to the other two, "God Is Goth" and "This Is Gothic Rock Vol. I", featuring a mix of both new and old bands.
I really like this album. Go get it!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Merciful Nuns ‎– Meteora VII

Merciful Nuns ‎– Meteora VII
(2014) Solar Lodge

More Merciful Nuns? Yes, and this album is even better than
"Xialba III". I like Merciful Nuns' take on gothic rock, and this album is also a really rock oriented one. I like the atmospheric side of Merciful Nuns, too, but generally I want uptempo songs. There's also a couple of cool videos made for some of the songs. Check them out on youtube!