Thursday, April 24, 2014

Blind Vision - Works

Blind Vision - Works (2014)

Infacted Recordings has finally decided to put out some more albums in their EBM Kult Klassiker! series. This is already number 32 - and you've got to get them all! I had never heared of Blind Vision before, but this is the kind of old school EBM that I like. In fact, it's one of the better releases in this series.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cyferdyne - Keep Your Silence

Cyferdyne - Keep Your Silence
(2014) DWA

The second release by Cyferdyne is an improvement on all parts. I sensed the talent on their 2012 debut album "Genesys", but I wasn't as pleased as with this sophomore release. Better songs, better melodies and best of all - better vocals. Almost all the screams are gone, now they only play the part of background vocals, which is totally fine by me. The CD hasn't arrived yet, so I can't say anything about the bonus remixes. But I'm looking forward to them. I don't think that anything can go wrong with remixers such as Assemblage 23 and Aesthetic Perfection.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mental Discipline ‎– Butterfly

Mental Discipline ‎– Butterfly DDEP
(2014) skyQode

Yey! A new Mental Discipline EP. This is not Alex Mental's best best release, but it has some good songs. I recommend expanding this EP with the free download "Pain & Regrets". It's a really good track that would've made this EP much better in the first place. delivers a nice remix of the 2012 "Constellation" album track "Precious Paradise". Guess if it has vocooders? This EP is only €4 from skyQode's Bandcamp site. It's well worth it!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Loomec - Personal Drugstore

Loomec - Personal Drugstore DD
(2013) Thyx Records

This is the third Stefan Poiss project, besides Mind.In.A.Box and Thyx, that I know of (and somewhat enjoy!). It's finally been made available in decent download quality (flac), after eager persuasion attempts from Thyx and Mind.In.A.Box Facebook followers (yes, me!). I don't buy mp3's, but I have no problem paying for flac or wav files.
This is the most rock-like of all Poiss' albums. Heck, the track "Tijuana" even reminds me of Motörhead at times. But make no mistake, it's not a rock album. There's plenty of electronic sounds to fulfill all your needs!