Thursday, August 30, 2012

Agent Side Grinder - Hardware

Agent Side Grinder - Hardware
(2012) Klangarkivet

As you can see this album isn't the nicest looking CD in my collection. Luckily I don't judge a CD by it's cover. I don't really know what to call this music, though. Maybe some sort of electronic postpunk, but a lot less melodic than last weeks The Present Moment, and much more leaning towards EBM. It's a nice album with a couple of stand out tracks, most noticeable "Wolf Hour" with vocals from Henric De La Cour.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Present Moment - Loyal To A Fault

Present Moment, The - Loyal To A Fault DD (2012)
Not On Label

This is yet another outstanding band I found thanks to the Violent Playground forum and the most well-written and interesting among  blogs I Die: You Die. You can download this album for free from the bands Bandcamp site (have I mentioned that I love Bandcamp before? Oh, I have? Well, I really do love Bandcamp!). But I suggest you pay at least 10 bucks for this album, even though it's free! It's easily worth it! Their other two releases are also worth downloading, but they're not nearly as good as this one! So hurry now and give the band your money! Oh btw, the music is some sort of electronic post punk with an outstanding bass sound!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Christian Gabel - Krater

Christian Gabel - Krater
(2012) Fatshark

This is a really expensive fake soundtrack to a film never made. The reason it's so expensive is that you cannot buy just the music, you have to buy the computer game Krater to get the audio CD. I don't mind, because the packaging is great. Cool conceptual artwork of my hometown, Karlstad, after the apocalypse. The music is some sort of laidback instrumental electronics. Really atmospheric, and you can't mistake it for something other than a soundtrack. Thumbs up!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Derniere Volonte ‎– Mon Meilleur Ennemi

Derniere Volonte ‎– Mon Meilleur
Ennemi (2012)
Hau Ruck!

And now something completely different. French neofolk with a melancholy synthpop sound. I've enjoyed the last couple of albums from Derniere Volonte, especially the 2006 album "Devant Le Miroir" and the 2010 album "Immortel". They all had a couple of really good tracks, but they weren't anywhere near the quality of this record. If you like your neofolk electronic and with melodies, this album should be an instant buy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grand Magus - The Hunt

Grand Magus - The Hunt (2012)
Nuclear Blast

Grand Magus released this album earlier this summer, but I almost forgot about it because of the similar release date on Candlemass' last album. But here it is. I'm sorry to say that they can't live up to my high expectations. Both this and 2010's "Hammer Of The North" is a step down from their two best albums, the 2005 "Wolf's Return" and the 2008 "Iron Will". But they still make great heavy metal. It's a good album, but I expected better. If you buy the limited edition you get three bonus demo tracks with their old drummer and a patch.