Friday, November 28, 2014

VA - 10 Years Of Progress Productions 2CD

VA - 10 Years Of Progress Productions 2CD
(2014) Progress

Finally, the compilation album I've been waiting for all year! It's a double CD packed with 28 exclusive tracks. Well, some songs may not be that exclusive... But for the most part, they are. Bands included are; Cryo, Kite, Henric De La Cour, Spark!, Wulfband - basically the whole Progress roster. I like most of the bands on Progress, so this was a must buy for me!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Iris - Radiant 2CD+2LP

Iris - Radiant 2CD+2LP (2014)

The second Iris record I own. I don't know how they sounded before Infacted and Dependent began to release their records. This box was a bit expensive, mainly because I'm not that interested in vinyl. But it was the only way to get hold of the bonus CD. Unfortunately I soon realised that the whole album was easily bought as a download (with the bonus songs). Great melancholic syntpop with cool bass lines. This is the third synthpop album in a row on this blog. Now it's time for a change..

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Emmon - Aon

Emmon - Aon (2014)

Hurry, hurry! Only 500 copies of this new excellent Emmon CD was made, and as a special treat to us who pre-ordered it we all got 2 copies each. I almost thought Emmon had disappeared - it was a struck of luck that I found about this CD. I really like Emmons take on synthpop. Wonderland Records are doing a great job in releasing some hidden synthpop gems (at least the records seems to be hidden gems for me - I'm normally not that keen on this stuff).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Harmjoy ‎- Silver Lining Of The Mushroom Cloud

Harmjoy ‎- Silver Lining Of The Mushroom Cloud
(2014) 73 Seconds Bismarck

After two great EP's earlier this year, it's finally time for Harmjoy's first album. The album collects most of the songs from the EP's, but there's so much more to this record than being just a sampler. Most of the songs are presented in special "Album Edits", and the new songs are really great too. Harmjoy is one of the few synthpop bands I enjoy, I guess I will feature more synthpop in the coming weeks, as some of my other favourites have new records out!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Garden Of Delight - Psychonomicon 1991-2001 2CD

Garden Of Delight - Psychonomicon 1991-2001 2CD
(2002) Sad Eyes

A compilation, boring, I know. But Garden Of Delight have released so many albums, and not many of them are good records. Sure, they all have great songs - but they're not, in my opinion, good albums. They're thematic, I get that. I just want the good songs, and that's what you get on this album. It was released in 2002, so there's no songs from the more metal-like Lutherion-albums that they released in 2005-2006. The second CD is a live album recorded at Castle Rabenstein, Germany, 28 September 2001. This is a great live recording, even though I'm no big fan of live albums.