Thursday, May 31, 2012

Woven Hand - Black Of The Ink Book+CD

Woven Hand - Black Of The Ink
Book+CD (2011) Glitterhouse

A bit odd release this. It's basically a book with all the Woven Hand lyrics and some art drawn by David Eugen Edwards himself. The CD features 6 exclusive newly re-recorded songs, one song from each of the previous Woven Hand albums. This is a really neat collector's item. A bit expensive, but well worth it if you're into David Eugen Edwards work.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Continues - Continues

Continues - Continues (2012)

Thanks to Storming The Base mailorder, the I Die: You Die blog and the excellent Violent Playground forum I found this gem. I haven't read a bad word about this album. Continues is the former Babyland singer Dan Gatto's new project. It's synthpop, but not in a "pop" way. No big choruses and simple melodies. Absolutely not aimed for the charts. Check this album out. It's definately among the best synthpop albums I've heard.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

VNV Nation - Crossing The Divide EP

VNV Nation - Crossing The Divide
DDEP (2012) Not On Label

Seriously, have I really been waiting two and a half years for this?
These remixes are far worse than expected, but as a VNV fan I will start with listing the good things about this release: It's a free download from VNV Nation's Soundcloud page. It's lossless, wav even (I really didn't expect it to be lossless. Cheers to Ronan and Mark for this!). It's an EP. Yes, I love EP's:-) The three first remixes are actually quite good, I especially like the Nomenklatur remix of "Ghost". But I don't care much for the latter three remixes. I think I would've been really disappointed if I had to pay for this EP. But as it's free it's worth cheching out!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

VA - Dependence 2012

VA - Dependence 2012
(2012) Dependent

Now it's time for the 4th Dependent records label sampler. It's packed with unreleased or hard to get tracks from most of the active bands on their rooster. On top of that they introduce an exclusive song by the new act Radioaktivists. The album also features the first tracks in a very long while from both Seabound and Pride And Fall. This album gives me hope that there's still a lot of great upcoming releases from Dependent!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faderhead - The World Of Faderhead

Faderhead - The World Of Faderhead
(2012) L-Tracks

It's been a couple of years since I last wrote about Faderhead. And there's been a couple of releases from his side too. I didn't like the rather bleak 2010 "Black Friday" album but the 2009 EP of ballads "Horizon Born" was a rather good and unexpected release. Buy it on Faderhead's Bandcamp Store as the awesome club version of "Horizon Born" is only available there! Anyway "The World Of Faderhead" is a varied (for Faderhead, anyway) release. The stand out track here has to be "Watching Over You", featuring the talents of Daniel Myer. It has a whole new sound which I really hope Faderhead will continue working on. By the way, there's an even better demo version of "Watching Over You" available if you buy the 2011 download EP "The Way To Fuck Clubs" at Faderhead's Bandcamp Store. Yes, I love Bandcamp!