Friday, November 29, 2013

Patenbrigade: Wolff ‎– Freunde Der Technik EP

Patenbrigade: Wolff ‎– Freunde Der Technik EP
(2013) Zweieck

The latest Patenbrigade: Wolff is a real gem. Sometimes reminiscent of Kraftwerk on steroids, but full with surprises and cool sounds. I really like how they have evovled on their latest releases. The psysical CD haven't arrived yet, but I got a Bandcamp download code which included a 20 minute promo/trailer of the songs, as well as the complete EP. The trailer is really neat. Well worth checking out. But nothing beats hearing the individual tracks!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

System Syn - No Sky To Fall

System Syn - No Sky To Fall
(2013) Metropolis

Another System Syn album enters the "worst album cover ever" awards. I do think that the european version of "Strangers" is slightly more unpleasing to my eyes...
Just like last weeks Solar Fake album and System Syn's 2011 album "All Seasons Pass", this is an album that's supposed to be enjoyed from start to finish, without stand-out hit songs. Buy the album, but consider taking a nice picture of your girl/boy friend or maybe a nice sunset to replace the hideous artwork with! I'm just kidding, of course. Clint makes the artwork himself, and I really like that he's such a complete artist. Maybe I would like to have some different themes on his art - but this what he chooses to do. Respect!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Solar Fake - Reasons To Kill

Solar Fake - Reasons To Kill (2013)
Synthetic Symphony

Third album from the solo project of Sven Friedrich (from Dreadful Shadows, Zeraphine). This is a better album all-together, than the previous albums; "Broken Grid" (2008) and "Frontiers" (2011). But it lacks of stand out tracks. Immediate hit songs like "The Shield" or "No Apologies" are nowhere to be found. But that doesn't matter. I really like to listen to this album from start to finish. Well done, Sven!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Bruderschaft - Return 2CD

Bruderschaft - Return 2CD
(2013) Alfa Matrix

After ten years of waiting, the first full length release of this massive futurepop all-star charity project is finally released.
Some tracks on this album has been released beforehand. I have enjoyed both "Trigger (Edge Of Dawn Remix)", "Return (Imperative Reaction Remix)" and a single version of "Falling" for a long time. There's also a new version of "Forever", called "Forever 2013", with Tom Shear on vocals, featured here. That leaves just four new songs (as the track "Goodbye" is present in two versions. One Ien Oblique Vocal version and one Colony 5 Vocal version) on disc one. Three if you don't count the The Human League cover "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of". Disc two has 12 remixes of varied quality. If you're just a tiny little bit interested in futurepop, this is the release to get - and to win you over!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Blume - Autumn Rains

Blume - Autumn Rains DD
(2013) WTII

Just like last weeks album, I got the flac version. But this tim mostly because I was lazy. The CD is still available, and maybe I'll buy it, as well... This download is awailable on Bandcamp, together with their stunning "Western Rust" EP. The album is just as good as "Rise From Grey", and I still now just as little about this band. Check it out! Support Bancamp and the band!