Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frozen Plasma - Tour Monument EP

Frozen Plasma -
Tour Monument EP
(2009) Infacted

I'm continuing the Infacted Records feature with one of my all time favourite futurepop bands. This is a very limited EP that were exclusivly sold at the Frozen Plasma / Rotersand / VNV Nation Tour 2009. If I remember it correctly, Frozen Plasma quit the tour afrter just a few shows. I don't really know why... Luckily I was able to get hold of a copy through the excellent Storming The Base web shop.
The EP contains six live tracks and two awesome remixes, "Murderous Trap (Emblaze My Desire)" and " The End - Deliverance (Moriturus)". Frozen Plasma's remixes are always an improvement on their album tracks. Therefore I urge you to collect as many as you can get!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Felix Marc – Parallel Worlds

Felix Marc – Parallel Worlds
(2011) Infacted

First of all, sorry I'm a bit late with this update. I didn't have the time to write this before christmas, so it's actually one day late. Anyway, this means it'll be two updates this week. Yay!
In my last update I recognised that I hadn't wrote about Infacted Records releases in this blog. So I have now decided to have a bit of an ongoing Infacted feature for some weeks.
Felix Marc is, as you might know, the singer of Frozen Plasma. He's also a member of my all time favourites Diorama. "Parallel Worlds" is his second solo album. It's a really good synthpop record with some futurepop themes here and there. I really like the single "The Muse" and the instant futurepop classic "The Garden Of Light".

Friday, December 16, 2011

Torul - In Whole

Torul - In Whole (2011)

Finally, the first full lenght CD by Torul, released by their new label Infacted Records. It's funny, or maybe not funny, strange then - one of the record labels I buy most releases from these days is, in fact, Infacted Records:/ But I couldn't find a label tag in Blogger's settings for them. This means I haven't wrote about a single one of their releases since I began with this blog in September 2009.
Anyway, this was supposed to be about Torul, wasn't it? I really liked the two EP's released prior to this album, "Try" and "Partially Untamed". Some of the songs of these EP's are featured here. This is synthpop at it's best! One of the top releases of 2011!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed

Aesthetic Perfection -
All Beauty Destroyed 2CD
(2011) Metropolis

And the list of great EBM/electronic albums this autumn just continues.
This is the third Aesthetic Perfection CD, and definately their best work to date. I just wish that Daniel Graves would continue releasing albums under the Necessary Response moniker. This album has some Necessary Response elements, though. I really like that!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Acretongue - Strange Cargo

Acretongue - Strange Cargo
(2011) Dependent

This has been an exciting autumn for all the lovers of quality electronic music. Just these last few weeks I've been praising Haujobb, Encephalon and System Syn. And now it's time for South Africa's Acretongue first proper album. The self released debute album is still freely available at the bands Bandcamp site. Be sure to check it out!