Friday, May 29, 2015

The Foreign Resort - The Foreign Resort EP

The Foreign Resort - The Foreign Resort DDEP
(2011) Monolathe

I recently helped crowdfund The Foreign Resort's new EP via Musicraiser, because I liked their last album "New Frontiers" so much. How about their older songs, you ask? Not everything is good. But, boy, this their 2011 "The Foreign Resort" EP is a true classic!
I'm sad I didn't discover this great band until the end of 2014. I missed out on their earlier CD's. Thankfully, Bandcamp comes to the rescue. Flac files is a good substitute for CD's!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Then Comes Silence - Nyctophilian (Then Comes Silence III)

Then Comes Silence - Nyctophilian (Then Comes Silence III) DD
(2015) Novoton

Then Comes Silence must be the hottest underground band in Sweden right now. I really hope they will have their well deserved break-through this year. The only thing working against them is the poor audio quality of the music streaming services, like the ever-so popular, Spotify. I simply can't imagine Then Comes Silence's dirty mix of rock and post punk sounding anything but awful in low audio quality. I bought this album as a Flac download from the band's Bandcamp site, but I'm kind of regretting not having bought the LP/CD combo. I would by a CD-only version right away, but there isn't any available...

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Encephalon - Psychogenesis 2CD

Encephalon - Psychogenesis (Infinity Edition) 2CD
2015 Dependent

I've had all sorts of troubles with this release. First off, I did get my Infinity Edition box almost on release day, but it was one CD short. I got the bonus CD and a couple of postcards (why are we getting postcards in almost all limited releases nowadays? It's not like there's a specific use for them, is it? Am I going to write to my mum from Ibiza on an Encephalon postcard?). The actual "Psychogenesis" CD arrived a week later. I had then listen quite a lot to the bonus CD, and I liked it a lot. The hype was on! These circumstances made the original CD a big let down. It seems that all the good songs were already on the bonus CD, and the actual album contained all the fillers... I hope my opinion will change, giving this album a bit more time.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Neuroticfish - A Sign Of Life

Neuroticfish - A Sign Of Life
(2015) Non Ordinary Records

A real gem, this, the first album in ten years from futurepop stars Neuroticfish. Non Ordinary Records is a fitting label name. This record is both a brilliant comeback album as well as 15-tracker without obvious fillers. If you like the lighter side of futurepop this album is a must. One of the best releaseses of 2015! EBM is not dead!