Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seabound/Iris - Radiant Turbulence EP

Seabound/Iris - Radiant Turbulence
EP (2014) Dependent

This is an awesome and very limited tour EP containing (I think) five exclusive songs, three by Seabound and two by Iris. Two of the Seabound songs are re-recorded and, of course, remastered songs from their 1996 legendary demo (which I would love to obtain - I haven't even heared it). The Seabound songs makes this EP a must buy. The third song is, by the way, an excellent Architect (Daniel Myer) remix of "A Grown Man" from their latest album. Iris have never been favourites of mine, but I suppose the two songs are worth a listen or two!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ikon - Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends 2CD

Ikon - Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends 2CD (2014)

After a bit of delay I finally got the new Ikon CD. Actually, it's a 2CD - but I don't know a lot about the second CD. I think it's demos and some exclusive tracks on it. The song titles are the same on the songs I think are demos (or maybe it's just alternative versions?), but the second CD is supposed to be recorded in 2011-2013 while the main album is recorded 2013-2014. Anyway, this album is a whole new chapter for Ikon. They've never been this dynamic. There's songs in all styles imaginable; some acoustic, some pop, some neofolk, some electronic, some rock plus a cool intro and a couple of instrumentals. I think this will be looked upon as Ikon's best album, but for me nothing can beat "This Quiet Earth". Buy, Buy, Buy! And don't forget to pick up the great "I Burn For You" 7"+CDEP bundle while you're at it.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Xenturion Prime - Mecha Rising 2CD

Xenturion Prime - Mecha Rising 2CD
(2014) Progress

Former Code 64 members Bjørn Marius Borg and Hans-Olof Mattsson continues making electronic music after the break up.
This is not as future-poppy as Code once 64 was - heck, there's even some harsh vocals to be found here! I enjoy the various sounds of this new album a lot more than the rather bleak Code 64 album "Trialogue". Act fast, and you might still have a chance to get one of the first 200 copies containing a limited bonus disc.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Pre/verse - Obstacles

Pre/verse - Obstacles (2014)

If I'm correct, this is supposed to be the new project by former Straftanz singer Kai. But there's no way for me to be sure. Anyway, this sounds nothing like Straftanz. The music's actually quite pop-like EBM with some guitars. I like it a lot. Buy the album at Poponaut, and if your lucky you'll get the "Truth Hurts" CD-single for free!