Saturday, September 26, 2015

Near Earth Orbit - Trans Neptunian Objects

Near Earth Orbit - Trans Neptunian Objects
(2015) Solar Lodge

Album number two from Near Earth Orbit, already? I guess it's time for a hiatus for Artaud's main band Merciful Nuns, now that they've released their seventh album? I don't know if he plans album cycles of seven, but he sure did in his earlier band - The Garden Of Delight. I'm very pleased to report that this album is really good, especially since I didn't care much for the first Near Earth Orbit album. But there's still room for improvements. Nice!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Unitary - Unafraid EP

Unitary - Unafraid EP
(2015) Off Label Productions

The only bad thing I have to say about this excellent EP is; Why 7 versions of the same track? I feel cheated. The second track is called "Subversion 12"", but it's essentially just another remix of "Unafraid". This EP picks up on the momentum Unitary has been building up since the last EP "Torching Utopia", earlier this year.
I can't wait to hear more!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Grave Pleasures - Dreamcrash

Grave Pleasures - Dreamcrash
(2015) Sony

In the beginning of March 2015 the finnish post punk band Beastmilk changed name and some members and became Grave Pleasures. I really liked Beastmilk, and I like this album as well.
I don't know why the band had to change name, the new album is not that different in sound. Well sure, an obvious musical progression has taken place. Especially the drumming has improved a lot. But is that enough to change name?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ghost - Meliora

Ghost - Meliora (2015)

This may be the album of the year for me. Yeah, I know, some Swedish clowns dressed up as the Pope, and God knows what? Really? Yup! Klas Åhlund, the pruducer (of  Teddybears Sthlm fame) really knows how to make a pop album. But aren't Ghost supposed to be heavy metal? Yeah, maybe, but with this kind of pruduction there's no metal left. Except for some stolen Slayer riffs and wimpy Manowar drum beats:) I love every song of this masterpiece of an album. If I wasn't allergic to the vinyl trend I'd buy the limited LP+12" (with an exclusive bonus track) in a heart beat!