Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cryo - In Your Eyes EP

Cryo - In Your Eyes EP (2013)

I got this new Cryo EP in the mail today. It's a great little teaser for the, soon to be released, "Retropia" album. If this is the new direction Cryo is heading I can't wait for "Retropia" to be released!
The sound is more in the vein of Martin's pre-Cryo project SoundSequence. This is really promising because the two SoundSequence compilations "Climbing The Mountain (1997-2007" and "Top Of The Mountain: 1997 - 2012" are huge favourites of mine. Also thumbs up to Progress Productions for delivering a never ending stream of quality releases.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pride And Fall - Of Lust And Desire

Pride And Fall - Of Lust And Desire
(2013) Dependent

Finally a new Pride And fall album! It's been six years since the fabolous "In My Time Of Dying". Was it worth the wait? I really don't know. This new album sounds like Pride And Fall, but it lacks in both the songs and arrangements. Some songs, like the fantastic "Reborn", are really well executed, with great sounds and twists, and then there's songs that seems to be no more than demos. So, all in all, this record is a bit of a disappointment to me. But it has it's moments. And some fantastic songs.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Henric De La Cour - Mandrills

Henric De La Cour - Mandrills 2CD
(2013) Progress

I was a bit disappointed by Henric's debute album, "Henric De La Cour", back in the autumn of 2011. That album has now become a big favourite of mine. I like it so much, that this new album is the current disappointment. But have no fear - I'm sure this album is going to grow just as much on me as the last one. I'm pretty sure the 2CD version is sold out by now. The regular CD version is still available. Get it now!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Westbam - Götterstrasse 2CD

Westbam - Götterstrasse 2CD
(2013) Vertigo

I'm not particulary into techno, but there are some exeptions, like Juno Reactor. But they're maybe more of a trance/world music/goa band, aren't they? This Westbam album isn't a techno record either. I was told that Westbam's supposed to be a techno project. That's not true with this record. The first disc, the actual "Götterstrasse" album, is a minimalistic synthpop record with lots of guest vocalists. It's a great synthpop album. But it's the deluxe version's second disc, with the instrumental dub mixes, that makes this album a winner for me!